Do we like to eat! Our food is local, so local I can go get it in my PJ’s! Fall is here the jars of canning, crocks full of ferments and freezers of food are ready for the cold days ahead. To sweeten that thought is jars of honey from hives.IMG_4928Practical Skills fermenting782584_361810264_nClay pizzaoven at SageIMG_4938

My fermenting crocks are  the most used pieces of preservation equipment in my kitchen. As Sandor Katz states” There is mouth feel and there’s hand feel” Fermenting in handmade ceramic crocks contribute to the hand feel of your ferments. This year we have added mini crocks. I like to refer to there as my quickie crocks. They are so awesome for mustard!

Crocks come in four sizes, 1.5 quart for small test batches, 2.5 quarts for small batches one gallon and two gallon. all crocks come with weights. DSC_0148