Living with Crazy

This summer was a serious reality check. Drought, fires, heat and chaos. Sounds like an outline for a thriller. No, this is life as we know it. Now don’t be dismayed my beauties, Let’s talk about the light in between. Here’s my list of 10 things that brought light into my life. Grand kids. Time … More Living with Crazy


Thank you. You choose us when there are so many other choices out there. Thank you You take time to ask us about our process. Thank you You come when we invite you, you stay, have some pizza and visit with others. Thank you. You have enabled us to create a strong sense of community. … More Gratitude


Winter always puts me in a reflective mood. After a whirlwind summer, fall brings the work of preserving the harvest and thoughts of the holiday season. As a maker it’s our bread and butter season, we spend our time in the summer planning how we will execute our studio work throughout the fall and have … More Giving