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Last night was one of those evenings, you know the type, the ones you could never plan , they just unfold. You arrive unsuspecting, thinking it’s a small gathering and you can go home when it’s finished. Well, last night was awesome. (yes, it made my list of awesome things!) I attended an event at Mount Royal University for May 5th midwifery day.
It was an evening of tears of joy, reunited with old friends and colleagues. Midwifery has come such a long way. I had the honor to present one of my ladies (read sculptures) to the husband of my first midwifery partner. Sandy Botting,his wife died 12 years ago, but he continues to this day to be involved in and support the midwifery community.I was asked to say a few words about the sculpture and Ron. I knew if I just winged it I would start blubbering and then both Ron and would be crying. So I wrote him a poem. This is for Ron but also for all those men out there who support midwives when they go out in the night to help bring forth new life.

Home Front Covered

Three a.m. phone calls, kids lunches,
schedules changed, office called.
Two worlds balancing.

Generosity and cooperation,
available and present.
Inner softness, outer strength.

Life lessons at the kitchen table.

Stranded, make tea; wait.
on call, on guard.

Give, compute, check, print… donate.
Darkness, late night work.

Carry birthing kit to car,
A kiss
Be safe
The home front covered.

Writing our Story

7 thoughts on “Art, women, birthing, babies and reminiscing

  1. Thank you so much for your work on this, Evonne. The sculptures are beautiful! Thank you also for joining us at the event! Sorry we won’t be seeing you on the 29th.
    Lee Brocklebank, President
    Birth Unlimited

  2. Hi Evonne,

    As one of the many attendees on Wednesday, I just wanted to thank you for your part in helping the beauty unfold. It was inspirational.

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