Rules of Dancing

Shall I lead or shall I follow?

Lately folks have been curious as to our departure date. Me too. This has been one of the tougher lessons to learn, “things don’t always go as planned” The fence is a good example, “we’ll build that baby is 2 weeks!” Well it’s now been 2 months and we still have to finish the gates.
Daily, many blogs appear in my email, that I have willing subscribed to. Some more helpful , well written and informative than others. Recently there has been a rush of e-book launches by blog authors.
One that came around the other week was for an e-book on how to downsize and travel in 30 days. HA! Who ever buys that e-book probably still lives with their parents, and they need 30 days to talk their parents into keeping all their stuff.
Being the first of our circle of friends to change directions in our life has been interesting. We feel like fish out of water. Everything we knew to be so now has changed. Everything I consider purchasing I must think twice about .
Will it fit in the van. Is this a need or a want? Every penny spent is money the we won’t have on the road.
The dance is the balance that must be created between living in the future and being present in the now. Trying to live every day to it’s fullest while being conscious of our plans.
As my pile grows for our sale, I look at items and think, did this give me what I thought it would when I bought it?
Now it will be sold for a fraction of the price and from this side of the fence I realize I didn’t really need it.
Folks comment on how brave we are, that we are blazing a path for others to follow, this make me uncomfortable. At times I wish we would not have told anyone …. impossible when you are stripping your life down to the bare wood. People would know something is up.
It’s the people that choose to come after us that will make us seem more sane.
This Ted video nails it! How to Start a Movement

7 thoughts on “Rules of Dancing

  1. Reminds me of the U2 song. I still haven’t found what I am looking for. Big change is hard. Dave is running for Mayor and it’s a big change.

  2. When we left Ontario in ’93, we sold a 100 acre farm (big back there!)
    a completely, just renovated, century old farm house, and all our immediate family, to head “West”. We bought a brand new (now rust bucket) horse trailer, and what would fit came with us, what would not, went in the farm auction. Funny, everyone in this little rural area, was either born there, moved to marry there(or there neighbour), and died there. We had many folks ask, “Why in the world would you want to go anywhere else?”. And many others comment, “If I was just a little younger, or I wished I had of done this….”
    I look at a few things that I “thought” were of great importance, and now laugh, ie: all those canning jars that I just had to have, and figured were worth the move!” and of course some things that I missed the boat on and should have never sold, but not so many, its all just stuff. Its the people in and the relationships, and the new memories yet to come that are of such great importance.
    Happy sorting, and onward to adventure!

  3. been there, honey…

    Blessings on the journey, inner and outer. My experience is that the inner is manifested in the outer, and when we make changes in either, they are visible in our lives. The fence is a good example… and it takes its own time!



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