Birthing a passion

For those of you who have landed here from “Terra Cotta”, Welcome to our new vision.

Sage Permaculture is a accumulation of years of gardening, earth care, people care and building community.

The first seeds of permaculture were planted  fifteen years ago, when Robert returned from an international natural building conference in New Mexico.

More recently, a good friend in our community had taken his Permaculture Design Certificate and suggested that it might be a direction I would be interested in.

The first day of the course, I knew I had come home. So many things I believed to be true were reinforced and given context.

After receiving my design certificate, I came to the realization that this was such a small part of my permaculture education. For me the real knowledge comes from doing the work and living a permaculture lifestyle. Integrating all of the knowledge and experience of my life so far and accepting every opportunity I can to further my connection to the permaculture ethics, I move closer to creating balance in my life.

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