Spring classes at Sage

As a write the blanket of snow that has enveloped us continues to thicken. My greens in the hoop house are tucked in under 2 layers of remay cloth and my seed starts huddling around the grow lights.IMG_1430The pile of branches are ready and waiting for the upcoming Hugelkultur workshop.  May 18th we will be opening our site for the first workshop of the year, Hugelkultur, moving toward a zero waste yard.

Joining us will be Mike Dorion of Living Soil Solutions and Tawni Bartish, Arborist. This is a hands on workshop collecting and using only resources on site to create a hugelkultur in a day.

A wood fired pizza lunch is included.


Ever wished you could go to summer camp as an adult?

Well here you go. Sage Folk School and Patterson Springs Farm is hosting a 6 day practical skills intensive.

Not only can you have the pleasure of spending 6 days on the farm, your kids can also. Child care is available on site for a fee, as well as camping.

Watch for new listings of upcoming courses and events.

Sage Permaculture will be at the Diamond Valley Community Garden over the spring and summer offering mini workshops .

If you are interested in hands on learning, there are many volunteer positions available at the garden . Contact me for more information.

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