That’s one big pile of crap!

Hell yes! we can!

Here it is folks, after 6 days in Waterton and my complete surrender to the process, we will now host our first letting go ceremony in the form of a sale. I can’t decide whether to call it a letting go sale or a repurposing event. What do you think?
Three months ago I cleaned out my pantry. I thought I had culled everything that we didn’t use. I was so proud of myself! Today I opened that same pantry and in 10 minutes emptied it of about 3 cubic feet of stuff that 3 months ago I thought was essential. My dear friend Karen told me one day at lunch that when she shed her belongings to travel it took her 4 moves. She felt shredded at the end. Karen, I totally get it!
So tomorrow I will tackle another room, and every day after that I will lighten the load and hope like hell that someone shows for the big event!!
I hope you enjoy this old George Carlin skit about stuff.
Here is one of my favorite blogs that I follow. These folks are traveling the world with a baby!
All mostfearless

5 thoughts on “That’s one big pile of crap!

  1. …good work, Evonne! (And make that at least 6 moves! From 3600 sq. ft. (in stages) down to 500 sq ft. of living space… and now just what we can travel with.) Non-attachment is the greatest way to simplify! And – I felt LIBERATED in the end! Shredding was what I felt along the way, every time I decided to let go of something that had I thought I would keep forever (“heirlooms” etc…) Now, I understand. Nothing stays the same. Everything is always changing. Why fight it by thinking “I’ll just hold onto this one THING and then I’ll feel better”… 😀 All the best on your continuing journey! Your heart is strong, your will is strong, you can do it! You ARE doing it! (((Hugs)))

  2. I am finding my re-purposing needs to be done in layers like an onion. Same as you, I do round 1, then come back to the ‘stuff’ I set aside and realize that it needs to go as well. It is actually become quite addicting and freeing.
    Life as I know it will soon fit into 2 fifty lb bags

    1. Darlene, You are right, every layer makes us a bit lighter in so many ways. Last year I heard about a book called “Does this clutter make my butt look fat?” I thought that was a great title. I think lightening the load starts in one place and continues to every aspect of our lives. Keep getting light!

  3. Stuff flows. It’s not the stuff that’s the “problem”, it’s the addiction and desire for the stuff, or the addiction and desire to not have the stuff. It’s just stuff. Illusory stuff at that. It comes, it goes. Let it flow.

    1. Stuff does flow and i have some of your stuff that just flowed to my daughter! That is the good stuff that I am talking about in my recent post. “Who stole my Pulpit”
      Let the good stuff flow!!!

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