There’s a bear in my coffee!

Ok, this is it! I have started this post 4 times, hit the delete button and started over again. My thoughts just don’t flow. I have had 2 BIG cups of java, Sunday breakfast, curled up in a big over stuffed chair, rain lightly falling outside……. page blank!
Not so at 4am. I was composing beautifully structured sentences that convied my deeper thoughts, perfectly.
Did I get up and write them down? Of course not!, it’s 4am for crying out loud. This scenario has been playing out for me more often that not lately. During the day my mind is full of tasks to be done, people to call, meals to make yada yada yada……… But early morning my world is different, there is clarity of thought, words come easy.
When preparing for our Waterton trip I anticipated some large gaps of time to do art, read, make wonderful meals, take long walks… The first day and a half I was completely out of sorts. I paced, tried to read, read the same paragraph over and over, Pulled out my art supplies on the deck and fought over them with the wind, along with several trips off the deck and into the yard to pick up paper wet with paint.
At the end of day 2 I surrendered. The hell with it! I’m doing nothing!! Which is pretty much what I did.
I walked on the beach I walked on the paths, went hiking, went for a glorious early morning run, and sat on the deck staring at the mountains that surround the house. The best non-event was sitting for hours on the beach in the sun stacking tiny stones along a log…. I know you are probably thinking that I have lost it.. but doing nothing is sometimes the best work of all, and I made a new friend!

My stone stacking friend

So next time you feel frustrated that nothing is working, change your mind set…. do nothing, because it really is something!
The Queen of Nothing

6 thoughts on “There’s a bear in my coffee!

  1. I call it winding down or changing gears. Living in Toronto is like living in the middle of a wind storm. So many people never stop to take a breath or just be still. Just living here can be a whirlwind. I love the feeling when I get to Turner Valley to stay with my parents. It is quiet, the air is amazing and the stillness of that part of Canada (compared to Toronto) is a breath of fresh air….literally and figuratively!

    1. Hi Patty
      I totally agree. I wouldn’t do well in a big city. I can get swept up in chaotic energy and the next thing I know i am over committed and under enthused!
      Nice to hear from you!

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