Living with Crazy

This summer was a serious reality check.

Drought, fires, heat and chaos.

Sounds like an outline for a thriller.

No, this is life as we know it.

Now don’t be dismayed my beauties, Let’s talk about the light in between.

Here’s my list of 10 things that brought light into my life.

  1. Grand kids. Time spent together in the lazy days of summer. Reading books in the shade, eating Popsicles and tree forts.14E40106-5565-482A-A4E7-1EDCB5DB7A14
  2. Letting go…… mostly of the need to have the perfect garden. Nature gently took over this summer. Survival of the fittest. Some things made it, some were consumed.IMG_4506
  3. Grace. Spending time with a local friend who is 34 years my senior. Swimming in the river everyday with her, as she unknowingly creates a road map for me.ED78308B-7786-4CCD-8D60-E7AE331FED9B.JPG
  4. Music. Taking time to play music with friends at least once a week. Joy!Image 1.jpg
  5. Studio time. Hot days meant getting into the studio early and ending my day at 3pm. The heat driving me out of the studio and into the river.Image 2.jpg
  6. Community. Our sweet little local market on Sundays was my day to connect with the community. Lots of great conversations and trading!FullSizeRender.jpg
  7. Riding my bike. Spring arrives and my bike becomes my wheels around town. Love my bike!Image 3.jpg
  8. Quiet beekeeping moments. The business of life slows down and you feel the determination of the hive mentality. All working together for the common good.3EA52AF8-3005-45D6-A8EA-70C0B7C73D91.JPG
  9. Preserving less. Putting away just enough food for us for the winter and gifting the rest. Looking forward to the sweet feeling next fall when I open the pantry and there is shelf space not a whole lot of preserves still waiting to be consumed.fullsizerender
  10. Embracing crazy. “How can crazy bring light? ” For me it’s excepting that crazy does live with me. Days where I was literally spinning from one task to another. Then the day ends, the chaos slows, the evening is warm, I sit with a big mug of tea watching the bats coming out…. I say to myself… “well that wasn’t so bad, we’ll try again tomorrow.”IMG_5205.JPG

3 thoughts on “Living with Crazy

  1. Yes dear cuz, life is just one large learning curve that only comes full circle when our soul leaves this earth for our final resting place, wherever that may be. ❤

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