Mugs, winter and friends

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Good morning friends,
Now that we have passed the point of halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox we can look forward to warmer days and and the earth waking up.

We all find ways to get through the darkness of winter. I like winter, the slower times, warm fires, brisk walks on sunny days when the trees are covered in horefrost, big pots of soup and warm tea.
I also like making mugs in the winter. They remind me of comfort. I have a cupboard full of mugs made by other potters that I know, some I don’t and some are made by me. I enjoy choosing my morning mug for that first cup of coffee, then again later in the day as I switch to tea. I have the company mugs, the gardening mugs and the take on a trip mugs. Yes, I always take a handmade mug when I travel.

Mugs are the most personal piece of art we can own. We put it to our lips and hold them cradled in our hands allowing the warmth to soak through.
Pete Pinnell says it best in this video talking about mugs. It’s a bit long but well worth your time.
Chris Stavely also shares his thoughts on cups, very touching.

Tomorrow, we are offering up 100 mugs. The fruits of my labors over the last month.
The sale will include old favorites and some new designs and glazes.
We will also ask your feedback. What do you like in a mug?
Robert has been busy baking up his favorite treats. We will have a great cup of coffee and Tender Living Farm Tea brewing to offer you. We are encouraging folks to come and have a cup of warm, visit with folks. It will be so lovely to see you all.

We are at 320-1st Ave, N.W. Black Diamond.
Sale and social from 11-3 pm.
I know there’s lots of snow, by tomorrow the highway will be clear the sidewalks shoveled and the fire on in the woodstove.

Look forward to seeing you.
I would like in ignite the power of word of mouth marketing. If you feel inclined , please consider sharing this invite with your friends. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Mugs, winter and friends

  1. Hi Yvonne,

    Oh darn, I am missing your mug sale!!! I’d wanted to be there, but am feeling under the weather. 😦

    I love your mugs and hope to purchase more of them in future. I also love that last image, made me laugh out loud.

    Hope you’re having a super day with lots of friends and lots of mug love!


  2. … and then I watched the video links you included. Pete Pinnell’s take on comfort/discomfort, very interesting, I will be thinking more on that. And Chris Stavely’s thoughts on making pottery is interesting, as are many of his other videos! Haha, I went down the rabbit hole on his stuff. Good activity for low-feeling day.

    Thanks a bunch for those links!

    🙂 V

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