Breathe, then get back to work.

Every year at this time I go into a tail spin of jobs to be done. Cursing myself for not starting earlier, working more and wishing I had made more of one thing than another. My biggest challenge is social media. How do I reach my people? Are they out there sitting at their computer like me. fullsizerender

Here is how it goes, I get up at 6 am, determined to dive into creating awesome social media posts. First facebook. I click on the news feed. Oh I”ll just scroll down a bit while I think about my post. An hour later I’m lost down the mind numbing oblivion of endless cute cat videos and weird flying squirrels. Ok, I’ll try Instagram. It uploads the first photo of a beautiful pot made by a superstar potter across the world, down I scroll, more beautiful work, friends on vacation, someones dinner last night. Ok, now I’ll make a post, I look through the photos of my work that I have taken. Not enough light, OMG look how messy my studio is, too blurry, oh crap, forget it. I close my device and think about having chocolate for breakfast. Image 2

It’s seven days till our biggest sale of the year and there is work to be done. If any of you awesome people out there want to spread the word for me, I would be grateful, really grateful!

We will be swinging the doors open on Dec. 1st, our daughters will be here also. Jess selling bee related products from her hives, Amy with the harvests of the farm, including wool socks.

See you soon.


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