Moving Day.

Today we say good bye to this site for Sage Pottery and unpack in our new home at

We will be live at the new site June 18th.

We will keep this site up as an archive of sorts for past posts.

Thank you to each of you for all your support and encouragement over the years.


4 thoughts on “Moving Day.

  1. How can we talk on the cheap? I have a land line that is free to Canada. Do you have something other than your cell? Skype? Miss you in a Sister way, which is kind of strange, but totally reasonable.

    No longer on social media,
    I am encouraging folks
    to read & share my blog,

    1. Hey woman! Yes I have skype. I’m really bad at using it though. What’s your skype handle? I prefer Zoom. Check it out. It’s free. Let me know. Love to connect over the waves. ❤️

  2. Hey Evonne, hope the new site goes well, but at the moment it appears to be private and not visible to anyone without a login! Keeping good things secret I’m sure until grand launch day, or maybe a small permissions error?

    1. Hey Michael. Nice to hear from you. The site is live tomorrow. I did edit the blog, but it must have gone out to the followers before I rwaluzed I was amiss. Hi to Val.

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