Stop, Look and Listen

Hiking with Eleanor

Today was a good day. I learned the following things:
* The best way to get past small talk is to to get together for a walk, hike or run, not coffee.
* Cut to the chase, speak from the heart
* Open up to people you like, they have no interest in judging you.
* Talk about what really matters
* Listen carefully because sometimes it’s not what is being said but it’s the pauses in between that are deep.
* Don’t be afraid to give freely of yourself, it opens your heart.
* Share special places and moments with people you care about.
* Give gratitude to the folks who have “been there through thick and thin”
I want to thank my friend Eleanor for walking with me today and sharing so much, I am so fortunate to have friends who pop up at just the right time.

6 thoughts on “Stop, Look and Listen

  1. Thanks Evonne, for sharing your thoughts from yesterday and for reminding me what a magical time we had! I truly enjoyed out visit – it was our best ever! thanks for the hike. I am just now pulling out my camera and loading pics….

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