This month our event will be focusing on bowls and feeding our friends.

It has been a thrill to spend a chunk of time just making bowls.

Small bowls, big bowls, rice bowls, mixing bowls. 11752426_10153209852708596_221623842875349051_n
Each bowl with it’s own personality created with hand feel, to be cradled in your hand with warm soup.
Working bowls that take on a batter being mixed on the counter.
A delicate noodle bowl that encourages you to linger at the bottom and take in the form.

I encourage you to join us on Nov. 7th and find yourself a bowl that speaks to you, to become your personal vessel.
Once you have made your choice we will fill it with soup to share with friends.

With every bowl purchased $5. Will go to the local food bank. I love these ladies, they do good work in our small community.

A few other local folks will be here also. Patterson Springs Farm,Tiny Springs Farm, Berri-Patch woodworking, Jein from Blue Canoe and other talented friends.

It’s more than a pottery sale, it’s a community gathering, a respite from the maddening crowd, a place to meet folks who grow food, make things and love to share ideas.

Take the afternoon to enjoy the community and some local flavor.
Stroll up to Bluerock Gallery and Bohemia, check out the local tea and coffee shops.
There is a new local business in town called “Branch” that would love to see you.

Saturday Nov. 7th. 12-4 pm.

320-1st Ave. N.W. Black Diamond.

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