Juggling Hats

 When I’m in my garden, I’m thinking about making art, when I’m in my studio I’m thinking about food and what to cook next. When I’m cooking my mind wanders, creating a ceramic dish that will complement the food I grow and feed my family. While beekeeping I watch the bees and marvel at their interaction and effectiveness, and wonder how to create that in my life. Doesn’t sound very zen does it? I’ve been told to be present with what I am doing but these hats I wear are my constant companions, inter-playing, moving with me through my day.

evonne gardening

The days move in and out like the tides, always something to do.

This is the year of new directions, creating opportunities to bring all our passions together.

Jane's bread, just out of the oven, photo by Robert

We are experimenting with a new model of connecting with our community, family, art and the food we eat.

Once a month we will open the gates at Sage and invite our community in to share some food from local growers, pottery, garden tours and other guest makers. It’s a small local affair, so if small and local is your thing the gate will be open again on Nov. 7, 2015. Check out events for more details.

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