Life is messy, so is my garden and a quote

I know I disappoint many folks when they walk through the gates and expect to see order and beauty all round. Sure, there are pockets of it that can be spotted, but mostly it looks like…. well… messy. I had a great teacher, mother nature. I copy her whenever I can. I love the look of spontaneity. I can’t get away with as much as I would like, neighbors and all.

This year I’m biting it and leaving my dandelions till they are done. I see the looks when folks walk by, it’s truly a mass o yellow. You walk through it and its buzzing with bees. It calms me I feel connected.

This Saturday we are opening the gates once again, the focus this month is pretty much gardening. I’m going to let you see my quack grass, field o yellow and of course all the other features were proud of. Our maturing food forest, perennial vegetables and pollinator friendly gardens. We love to share ideas for water harvesting and wildcrafting.IMG_20160517_211841.jpg

For us this is not a hobby but a lifestyle. We raise a large portion of our food and manage to share the surplus. Every year we are more resilient and as my friend Rob would say, “Anti-fragile”

Our work and life intermingle to form a seamless flow that connects us to nature and community.

We would love to see you on Saturday. We have a lot of plants ready to go to new homes. There isn’t many pretty annuals but more the workhorse varies. Plants that last. Perennial vegetables, pollinator beneficial plants. Plants for medicine, insectaries, shrubs, and berries.

Honey from our hives

Bring your questions we would love to try and answer them. if we don’t know hopefully we can send you in the right direction.

Louise Patterson from Patterson Springs Farm will be here. She is selling pies and dishing out great advice.

Of course there will be some pottery, but my flow right now is in the garden. We will have snacks from the garden and a big pot of tea.


The weather looks wet so dress dress for it. We will have lots of dry spots!

Sage HQ: 320-1st Ave. N.W. Black Diamond, Alberta.

12-4 pm.

Saturday May 21st.


“We don’t travel to move around, we travel to be moved”         Pico Iyer



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