Spring, Creating, and a Poem.


Winter was oh so brief this year, with less skiing and more walking and hiking. Early spring flowers started poking out mid February, I covered them with straw hoping to keep the frost in the ground and wished for the best.

The bees are bringing in pollen, all the hives thriving.

There’s a level of panic that comes with all this abundance. Things to do. Garden plans to make. Checking the pantry…..got to step it up on using the preserves put up last fall. The jars of apple sauce and raspberry jam staring back at me when I open the pantry door.

I forget sometimes that it is only the two of us now. Kids grown up and growing their own gardens creating their own paths. I still over plant, the excess going to friends and neighbors.

This time of year  also heralds the beginning of event season at Sage HQ. This year we are adding a colorful palette of hands on classes and gatherings.

Once a month we will swing the gates open at the homestead and welcome friends new and old to join us for an afternoon of hands on learning, garden tours, talks and an impressive variety of items for nourishing the body and soul.

Having the pleasure of living in a community ripe with creativity, knowledge and love of  all things local, we brought some of those offerings to Sage.

The first event of the year is April 23rd    

With Spring in mind, we turn to the task of cleaning up the winterness and celebrating all that is new and renewed.IMG_0003

Spend the afternoon with us as we talk gardening, soil, water conservation ideas, and art for the garden. Make your own hanging garden sculpture. There will be treats from the wood fired oven, and worm castings for sale and of course… pottery.


What are Ollas?

Ollas are an ancient irrigation system originating in Northern Africa with evidence of use in China over 4000 years. They are still widely used in many countries today.

We will have many sizes for sale to meet your irrigation needs.

We can be found at Sage HQ 320-1st Ave. N.W. Black Diamond.

Any questions? evonneatsagepottery.ca

and a poem…………




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