Garlic, Honey, Sauerkraut and the Potter’s Life

This is the season where my passions collide. Harvest is upon us, the bees have given us their gift of liquid love. Jars of canning line the pantry and the drying porch is filling up.   As I wrap up the garden for this year, my thoughts go to my studio and all the pots … More Garlic, Honey, Sauerkraut and the Potter’s Life

Juggling Hats

 When I’m in my garden, I’m thinking about making art, when I’m in my studio I’m thinking about food and what to cook next. When I’m cooking my mind wanders, creating a ceramic dish that will complement the food I grow and feed my family. While beekeeping I watch the bees and marvel at their … More Juggling Hats

Hunkering down

Confession time…… I haven’t felt the blogging love for quite a while. Writing about  the technical/ education based side of my life felt dry and lifeless. Sharing my inner life seems a bit self-absorbed.  Going on about the events of the last year of which there were many, well that’s just too much. What’s really setting … More Hunkering down