Juggling Hats

 When I’m in my garden, I’m thinking about making art, when I’m in my studio I’m thinking about food and what to cook next. When I’m cooking my mind wanders, creating a ceramic dish that will complement the food I grow and feed my family. While beekeeping I watch the bees and marvel at their … More Juggling Hats

Hunkering down

Confession time…… I haven’t felt the blogging love for quite a while. Writing about  the technical/ education based side of my life felt dry and lifeless. Sharing my inner life seems a bit self-absorbed.  Going on about the events of the last year of which there were many, well that’s just too much. What’s really setting … More Hunkering down

Starhawk on The Heart and Soul of Permaculture: Rooting our practice in a sacred relationship with the Earth Please join us at this exciting event! Starhawk is a wonderful teacher and this is a great opportunity to learn about permaculture and earth-based spirituality. Ticket are limited and can be purchased here: http://starhawkcalgaryevent-efbevent.eventbrite.ca/ 15$ in advance, … More

Western Canadian Permaculture Convergence

Will the Third Alberta Permaculture Convergence Inspire, Inform, and Empower You and Your Community? Sure….And That’s Just the Beginning of the Impact This Event Will Have! When you get a group of passionate permaculture people together for an ad-hoc convergence — and each of them suddenly realizes I’m not swimming alone against the mainstream current! … More Western Canadian Permaculture Convergence

Rainwater Harvesting

Spring always gives me a boost. Everything starts to pop out of the half-frozen ground, signalling the beginning of another growing year. With the permaculture way, spring starts early, all the seedlings well on their way to becoming teenagers in the hoop house. This nice warm weather encourages everything to wake up and get ready … More Rainwater Harvesting